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Mini Programs: the new cool kid in WeChat world

Over the past year or so, popularity of WeChat Mini Programs has grown at a breakneck speed. The market is currently facing a HUGE demand for development of these neat, little, native-like apps that live right inside China's biggest social network.

"Hmm. Mini programs. Yes, I would love to build one, but the documentation is all in Chinese so..."

Sound familiar?

As foreigners in China, and as developers, we obviously want in on this hype. We got ideas, we got clients, we got mad Javascript & web dev skills. As foreigners, however, there's a big problem standing in the way: language barrier. Documentation for the WeChat mini program framework, related development tools, and the whole ecosystem is almost entirely in Chinese. The limited amount of English documentation on the subject is either out-of-date or incomplete.

"How does this not exist yet?"

Another thing we're getting used to hearing. Developers in China, regardless of country of origin, want and need documentation. This is especially true when working on applications for the WeChat ecosystem which is...just a bit...yikes.

Give the docs to the people

This website is to serve as a center for up-to-date English documentation on WeChat mini programs.

This includes the official documentation from Tencent, as well as translated versions of the documentation for popular Mini Program frameworks such as WePy and mpVue. In addition to documentation, the blog on will also push translated versions of popular articles related to MP development, tutorials, and original English language guides & articles from English speakers in the China dev community.